The challenger.

The RS 800C is the flagship of the Nordkapp RS series. This boat is
designed to give you a robust and easily driven hull, making it a perfect
vessel for dealing with all kinds of weather, disregarding the seasons.
The aluminium hull is a fantastic facilitator for enjoying driving at sea.
The hull design is made to cut through the waves, providing you with the
opportunity to actively drive this boat. Add on the fully equipped cockpit
with toilet, pantry, power outlets, bed and electrical sunroof (additional accessories), and you
suddenly find that the RS800 can cover all types of trips, it being a warm
and enjoyable summer day or a rough winter night.
Hull length
749 CM
252 CM
Net weight
Boat height
276 CM
Fuel capacity
200 L
Water tank
39 L
Septic tank
39 L
Max engine
300 HP
Stem length
Extra long
Max persons
CE category